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* Chinese Moon Cake Festival "Essay" Contest
  - Essay prompt: Write a short create narrative with as much information about the festival (information is provided on the paper given out during the meeting--if you need one, contact Lulu Fang). Please keep it short and sweet so our judges won't be bogged down with tons of papers. : )

  - Prizes: The winner will receive a goody basket with yummy Asian treats ranging from Pocky to who-knows-what. :D 

 - Rules: Although we didn't mention this at the meeting, it is important that you 1) DO NOT write your name on your essay; that you 2) attach a SEPARATE SHEET of paper to your essay with your NAME and GRADE LEVEL. This way, the judges can judge your paper without bias. :)

  - DEADLINE: I believe we failed to mention this during the meeting (-_-;) but the deadline for these 'essays' is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2006. Get it in before any of the officers leave school--otherwise, it doesn't count. : (

* Japanese Lessons 
  - They start Friday, 9/22/06 in Ms. Prado's room (RM 402) during lunch (1st and 2nd half)

  - We will be covering the basics of the language such as the alphabet and pronunciation

  - Possible future discussions: Japanese literature, writing, poetry, grammar, conversation, and/or reading.

  - We will also discuss how we want to have these mini-lessons in the future and create a general outline of what we will cover over the year 

  - If you have any suggestions regarding the lessons, contact me (Hanae) through lj or talk to me at school

* Activities
  - I realize many of you are brimming with ideas about what our club should do. If, for any reason, you didn't get to write down (hand in) your ideas today, go ahead and tell Justin Vela (Activities Coordinator) so we can think them over and (hopefully) set them in action.

  - Common ideas seem to be gaming, eating, and anime. (lol) I'm not sure the gaming would work, but if you can figure out a way that the school would approve it, suggest it. Maybe it will work. Who knows. As for eating, since we can't cook at school (for obvious reasons), what we can do is give you recepies, you can make them at home, and (if you so chose) you can bring it to school to share/get advice. OR you can give us recepies, and someone else may make them. That's just an idea. 

  - As for anime, for now, I don't see how we would be able to have anime nights at the BLA since we have to have the anime Argueta-approved (and that is not very likely to happen). HOWEVER, we received a suggestion which was to show Hayao Miyazaki animation, which would provide 'anime' nights and, at the same time, teach Asian culture to the club. There is a much larger chance that Mr. Argueta would approve this over anime. Ovo What do you guys think?

  - Another idea which I thought was interesting was learning Asian etiquette and about the tea ceremonies. There is one issue, though. Who's going to teach it? I may be simply ignorant about Scitechians, but I don't know of anyone who could teach such things, as of now. Maybe someone could learn? I don't know. Suggestions?

  - I also saw 'learn different cultures' as a suggestion. I like the idea since we don't really experience Asian culture in the US (especially by the border) and I think it would be very enlightening to do so. I definately think it's possible--I am sure others would be willing to learn about another countries' culture and teach it once in a while, as I am. Know someone who would be willing to teach their cultures? Contact us!

  - Other than electronic gaming, there is also room for board-games. If you know of any asian board games that you would be interested in playing/learning, suggest them--maybe we can find a way to get a game set.

  - Lastly, there are still a few ideas that stick out in my mind, such as asian movies (non anime) and martial arts, but until I get more information on how we could provide you that, I won't say anything here.

To summarize:


Sept. 22 - First Japanese lesson (lunch)
Sept. 28 - Essay Contest Submissions due

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