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Possible Activities


Those of you who attended the last meeting on Wednesday (September 20th) should remember that I asked you guys to write down some activities that you guys want to do. I have currently looked over them and will post/comment on them here.

Common Ideas:

- Anime/Movie Viewings: This is an activity that we ACCers DEFINITELY want to do, whether it is going to be after-school or during lunch. We are trying to get these Anime/Viewing nights approved by Mr. Argueta, but it IS proving to be quite difficult. As Hanae stated in the previous update, Hayao Miyazaki movies (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, etc.) will definitely be our best bet for now.
- Karate/Martial Arts Lessons: This was actually a very popular idea. Since we DO have a sparring club (which isn’t very good, mind you), I don’t think this will be a problem approval-wise. Although I’m pretty sure that Eric/Kevin/Chewbacca or whatever his name is going to be teaching these lessons, I am quite skilled myself, and I could offer my assistance.
- Asian Cuisine: I personally love Asian Food, and this was also a very good idea. Unfortunately, as Hanae stated earlier, we probably can’t COOK the food here in school, ***BUT*** we can bring the food to school, have gatherings, and maybe even ***COOKING CONTESTS***. More on that later.
- Origami/Arts and Crafts: This is pretty much a given. We will definitely do these later in the year.
- Language/History Lessons: These are definitely going to be implemented, and Hanae is starting JAPANESE LESSONS on Friday, September 21st during all of lunch period.
- Asian Video Games: I’ve got lotsa asian video games. The only problem that I have is that some games are really text-driven, and understanding what is going on in the video game might be troublesome. BUT…if you want to play an Asian *PS2* video game, just tell me the title and I’ll try to get with you as soon as possible. This is going to need some approval from the administration, though.
- Dance Dance Revolution: Uh…isn’t the Chess club doing that?
- Tinkling Dances: Interesting idea, but the materials to actually do the dances (the poles, etc.) might be pretty hard to get.

Uncommon Ideas:

- Asian Fireworks: …awesome idea…not gonna happen.
- Weekly Asian History Lessons: We are probably going to be implementing this sometime. We’re starting off with just the Asian Holidays.
- Manga Shop: Again, a wonderful idea, but something that might be hard to implement.
- Documentary with Cin-Tech: YEAH! This is a good idea, but what exactly do you want us to cover? Whoever gave me this idea, come talk to me sometime this week or next week.
- Go Lessons: I will probably be teaching this very very soon. I’ll update next meeting. If you're interested, come talk to me.
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